The Mirror


Doesn't Lie.

The Mirror Doesn't Lie.

A person’s digital identity should be the exact image of him or her.

But today’s digital ID technologies offer a fragmented picture at best. They’re better than passwords, but they fall short of binding a digital identity to a real person.

Pinn offers something new and extraordinary: Digital identities that perfectly reflect the people they represent.

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The future of digital identity is here. Introducing XFA.

No authentication technology truly binds a real person to a digital identity. Until now. It’s called XFA, for X-factor authentication. First available on the AuthX Platform from Pinn.


Something you know, have


Something you know, have, are and / or do


The evolution of authntication

The only way to truly bind a real identity with a digital identity


Who We Are

A Trusted Partner in Protection

What We Do

Pinn designs and develops technologies to solve the most complex digital identity challenges facing organizations and individuals.

What We Envision

A world not slowed by disruption and threat: We balance absolute security with access simplicity to safeguard operations and people.

How We’re Different

We bind digital identity to real people in a way unlike any other technology. And we deploy solutions in both stand-alone and add-on forms.
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Did you know?

Today, 81% of security breaches are caused by lost and stolen passwords resulting in billions in losses.

Download Solving the Enterprise Identity Crisis to learn recent cybersecurity statistics and why Pinn AuthX is the best solution in the market.

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