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CPU Meltdown

By Diane Barrera on January 18, 2018

To compete in the digital world, companies must protect themselves from cyber insecurities and become more resilient to such threats.

New Context and Pinn Technologies Form AI Strategic Alliance To Address Cyber Security for Industrial Internet of Things

By Emily Marquart on August 22, 2017

Through this alliance, the firms will develop products for critical infrastructure, addressing concerns for real-time availability, malware threats, and identity challenges centered around human attribution and machine attestation.

CMOs and Attribution: Reaching the Actual Customer vs. the Measurement Science That Reaches the Device

By Mary Clark on July 17, 2017

No one in marketing right now can be assured that they have reached the right person they want to reach. The only thing they can be assured of is that they have likely reached a device. But who knows who is actually using that device?

Pinn secure attribution platform to integrate Ever's facial recognition

By Justin Lee on July 17, 2017

Ever and Pinn have partnered to integrate Ever's facial recognition into Pinn's secure attribution platform, which will improve Pinn's continuous attribution capabilities across devices and networks.

Not Every Day Do I Use the Words "Surface of Attack"

By Mary Clark on July 11, 2017

We believe in a public internet that helps connect humans around the globe, and has provided untold benefit to millions. But the public internet isn't designed to protect a company's most valuable data, a corporation's intangible assets or a multinational's mission-critical infrastructure.

New Context and Pinn Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership for Attribution

By Brenda Patterson on June 20, 2017

Alliance will combine the strengths of both firms to address the industrial internet's attribution needs where identity, authentication, authorization, confidentiality, and integrity are compromised continuously through cyber attacks.

Syniverse and Pinn to Deliver Continuous Attribution

Business Wire on June 19, 2017

Syniverse and Pinn announced that they are working together with Syniverse's global platform and Pinn's attribution solution to deliver the new level of transaction security and continuous attribution.

Can the Public Internet Secure Our Digital Assets?

By Mary Clark on June 12, 2017

There is a lot of talk, and, indeed, hype, these days about the internet of things. But what is often overlooked is that the internet of things is also an internet of shared services and shared data.

Mitigating Systemic Risk: Are You a "Triple-A" Company?

By Mary Lewis on May 23, 2017

Syniverse's Chief Corporate Relations Officer discusses the need for companies to more proactively manage their risk on the public internet.

​Early Stage Fintech Startups on Display at Money 2020 StartupPitch180

By Joel Anderson on October 28, 2016

While Money 2020 is a positively massive conference, featuring some of the biggest players in the fintech space, it also serves as a chance for the next generation of fintech innovators to put their world-beating ideas on display.