Auth Basics

This guide reviews the basic sequencing and workflow for authentication. Note that Pinn does not handle authorization or session management, simply put - Pinn is responsible for verifying the identity of the end user.

mobile enrollment flow

The diagram is numerically labeled to show integration points with Pinn, these steps are required to integrate properly. The rest of the steps are meant to show typical procedure during a login workflow.

  1. Initiate Pinn Auth When it's time to present the authentication UI to the end user, the mobile app must call the Pinn mobile SDK in order to make this possible. For information on this see either the Mobile Auth (iOS) or Mobile Auth (Android) guide.

  2. Verify the ID Token Signature Verifying the ID token is a critical security action for authentication. This is necessary to implement to secure your system. For an in-depth overview on how to see ID Tokens



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