Enrollment Basics

This document covers a core concept in integrating Pinn, enrollment. Enrolling can be thought of similar to registration except that it can occur many times whereas registration only occurs once. When we talk about enrollment we are referring to:

  • Enrolling a device (this is done once for each authorized device the user owns)
  • Enrolling biometric data

Here is an example enrollment workflow during registration:

mobile enrollment flow

The diagram is numerically labeled to show integration points with Pinn, these steps are required to integrate properly. The rest of the steps are meant to show typical procedure during registration workflows.

  1. Create a new Pinn User See our API reference on how to Create a Pinn User. This step is done at registration time or when the user opts-in to Pinn auth.

  2. Link Pinn User ID to the App User In order for complete integration you must like the ID returned when creating a Pinn user. Please see our guide for more info on how to do this. Linking User Identities

  3. Initiate Enrollment Our Mobile SDK must be called in order to enroll the device and any biometric data. For for info on this step please see either the Mobile Enrollment (iOS) or Mobile Enrollment (Android) guide.

  4. Generate a new Enrollment Key When a user in your system is authorized to do so, your app backend must call the Pinn API to produce an enrollment key - and be able to pass that result back to your mobile app. For more info see our API reference on Creating an Enrollment Key



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