Key Concepts

Getting Started

Our platform provides everything you need to enable multi-factor authentication in your applications. Here are some highlights of our SDKs:

  • Adaptable MFA beyond six digit codes that inherently offer best practice security
  • Easy to use interfaces for developers and end-users alike
  • Tokenized protocols that offloads handling and storage of biometric and PKI data
  • Pre-built UI that is instantiated with a few lines of code
  • Enablement of strong authentication for organizations privy to compliance and regulatory bodies

In order to take advantage of our SDKs, you’ll need to integrate:

  • Backend
    • Security component that guarantees secure end to end communication
  • Mobile SDKs
    • iOS and Android SDKs that come with pre-built UI offering optimal UX. These kits will handle the enrolling and authentication of end users.
  • Web SDK
    • Initiate multi-factor authentication flows for your web application via embedded iframes. This will allow web sessions to be transferred over to mobile authentication mechanisms

Our guides will help you enable each of these components, to easily make a fully functioning MFA experience across your web and mobile services.

Setting up the Pinn Framework

With web APIs, an embeddable Javascript SDK, and mobile SDKs, you can get up and running with secure MFA in just a few easy steps.

  1. Create an account
  2. Obtain API access credentials by contacting
  3. Obtain developer snippets read through documentation
  4. Download mobile SDKs
    1. Installation (iOS)
    2. Installation (Android)
  5. Embed our Javascript plugin
    1. Web Configuration
  6. Connect Pinn APIs
    1. API Reference
  7. Build your authentication journey!


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