Introducing X-factor authentication

No identity management technology truly binds a real person to a digital identity.

Until now.

It’s called XFA, for X-factor authentication. First available in AuthX, from Pinn Technologies.

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Beyond added security and simplicity, the AuthX platform gives you forensic auditing.

Think of it as continuous monitoring of activity and behavior: Everywhere your authorized user (employee or partner) goes on the network – every app they use, every file they access – is tracked. So if your IT team ever needed to investigate network-related events or suspicious activities, AuthX instantly provides a depth of knowledge.
This makes AuthX a true end-to-end solution. But you don’t have to purchase it that way. Because maybe you’ve already invested in identity management technologies – and have only gaps to fill. The AuthX platform can unify many existing MFA solutions, then complete the picture by adding what’s missing. In other words, we can turn MFA … into XFA.

XFA Overcomes the Shortcomings of MFA by

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Introducing a new factor

to assure that the person on your enterprise network is actually the person you granted access

Streamlining repeat access

to your enterprise by providing your employee with the simplest of tools: a 6-digit passcode, born out of the blend of new and improved authentication factors

Unifying an array

of other factors – behavior, inherent physical traits, knowledge – into a one-time enrollment process

The Solution

Benefits of AuthX Clarified


that a hacker can’t possibly stand in for the employee or partner you’ve approved for access


of your employee for having to remember one simple passcode to go anywhere or do anything on your enterprise network

time and money
Time and money

saved from having fewer calls to your help desk for login assistance — a huge drain on internal IT resources


to modify the mix of authentication factors to fit your organization’s needs and culture — as well as strengthen access requirements for your highest-ranking officials

speed and power
Speed and Power

to investigate network access and activity; continuous monitoring provides clear forensic reports instantly, eliminating weeks or months of internal investigation


of adding AuthX as an end-to-end solution — or to close gaps and weaknesses in an existing identity management solution, thus protecting your early security investments

Those who’ve seen AuthX say they haven’t seen anything like it before.

Now it's your turn.
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More on how it works

Step 1


Your employee (or partner) goes through a 10-minute on-boarding process —once. What happens during this process is the foundation of what makes AuthXunique in the marketplace.

Step 2


When accessing your enterprise network, onsite or off, your employee need only enter a 6-digit passcode. The mix of authentication factors, all legally bound to your employee, make this simple passcode so robust.

Step 3

Access & Productivity

Once inside your enterprise, AuthX continuously monitors not only what your employees do, where they go and when — but how they physically interact with the device being used. An AI algorithm collects and learns from this behavior over time, providing the basis for forensic auditing.