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Introducing the Pinn AuthX Platform

The Pinn AuthX platform is a software-only solution that leverages advanced biometrics, attribution, device security and artificial intelligence to provide a frictionless but highly secure adaptive authentication experience.

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Your digital imprint without compromise

That which you are, you have and you know. This is the driving force behind the methodology for the AuthX platform.
intelligent orchestration

Intelligent Orchestration

Any combination of authenticators can be orchestrated and enforced based on risk
account recovery

Account Recovery

Leverage network based biometrics to enable seamless and secure account recovery in the event of a lost, stolen, or upgraded device
audit analytics

Audit Analytics

Investigate suspicious authentications and take immediate remediation actions

The Solution

The AuthX Platform

Palm Authentication

The most accurate biometric with a False Acceptance Rate of 1:20,000,000.

Keystroke Dynamics

A patented formula of more than 20 variables that can identify the typer.

facial authentication
Facial Authentication

Using the most sophisticated methods of validation and verification of the human face.


A patented method of extracting unique imprints of the user.

local biometrics
Local Biometrics

Device solutions are evolving and AuthX integrates various local attributions.

Device PKI

Highest integrity based on chain of trust.

push notification
Push notification

Push-to-auth from a desktop, call center, or IoT device.

QR code
QR code

Authenticate to a desktop with a dynamic QR code.

For Developers

A robust documentation portal for easy implementation

Use our SDKs — available for iOS and Android — to build your own white-label multifactor authentication application with complete control over the branding and look-and-feel.

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The future of authentication is here. Is your business ready?

Learn why companies trust Pinn to augment legacy authentication systems with an AI-powered adaptive authentication platform.