Every use case requires a different level of security. Whether you're authenticating contractors in a SCIF or allowing your customers to login to their bank account from an iPhone, we have a few different ways to leverage Pinn's attribution technology.

Our Technology

Authorization Server

We host an authorization server that supports SAML, OAuth, LDAP, and Microsoft Credential Provider. This allows customers to integrate our attribution capabilities directly into their existing authentication flow. In addition, the policy engine enables configuration of policy based on attribution level, representative crypto strength, and other factors.

API Platform Providers

Our authorization server has custom integrations with Apigee and Mashery that support existing authorization flows. This solution is compliant with Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) strong authentication requirements.

Attributed Network

For the most security conscious use cases, Pinn and our partners provide an isolated, private network (separate from the public internet) capable of reaching up to 7 billion devices in over 180 countries. Our attribution technology is embedded at the network level and acts as a gate – only those who are attributed are allowed to communicate within the network.